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Regulatory Obligations for Owner Builders in British Columbia

This video explains the eligibility criteria and requirements you must meet under the Homeowner Protection Act and Regulation. It’s a great learning tool and will help you answer the statutory obligations and requirements section of the BC Housing exam.

Need help applying for your Owner Builder Authorization?

This short step-by-step video has been created to help with the many inquiries we receive from individuals wanting to know how to apply to BC Housing to begin the Owner Builder Authorization process.

So you want to build your own home, but don’t know where to start

Well, help is on the way. If you want to build your own home in the Province of British Columbia, you have to obtain an Owner Builder Authorization from the BC Housing Licensing & Consumer Services (LCS).

We believe the Owner Builder Exam Preparation Course has covered all of the recommended topics the BC Housing Licensing and Consumer Services (LCS) department has listed on their website.

As of July 4, 2016 in BC, all applicants to the BC Housing Licensing & Consumer Services (LCS) for an Owner Builder Authorization are required to meet all eligibility criteria and pass an exam to evaluate their knowledge and understanding of home building basics.

Owner Builder Training Ltd. is a group of dedicated highly skilled professionals with a combined 200 years’ experience in the construction industry.  Areas of expertise range from hands on construction, building science, energy efficient home design, ventilation and heating and legal.  We are a team that is dedicated to training consumers and contractors – we have been doing this since the early 1980s and now wish to pass on our skills and expertise on to you.

The “Owner Builder Authorization” course was developed and initiated because we found those who wished to write the compulsory BC Housing exam had nowhere to obtain professional instruction and information that would assist them in passing the exam and bring them one step closer to their dream – to build their own home.


The #1 Owner Builder Authorization Exam Course Is Only Available Online!

There are currently no in-person classes scheduled at this time. Our online course is available at the link below.

Industry Testimonials

Warren, after a successful career as a builder of energy efficient homes, moved on to become a well-respected trainer in our CHBA-BC Certified Residential Builder program. He openly shared his leading edge knowledge and experience, and was fully committed to the success of both our program and it's students. Warren would be a welcome addition to any industry training team.

Ken Farrish

President & Bottlewasher at Farrish Marketing Services
It is inconceivable that a better choice could be made when searching for a trainer in housing construction. I unreservedly recommend him as an Instructor. Incidentally he has been doing this in one form or another every waking hour of his life since the early '80's.

Oliver Drerup

Managing Director, Drerup Construction Consulting
Warren Jones is an industry leader instructing others on how to enhance their business for better customer satisfaction and increased profits. He brings many years of experience and practical ideas. He is personable, articulate and professional.

Larry Clay

President at Clay Construction Inc.
Warren is very knowledgeable in relation to all the courses he taught and was able to engage his classes to maximize their learning potential. I would highly recommend Warren for any construction and management training needs.

Lori Gobert

Rylan Business Consulting
Over 25 years I have worked with Warren Jones both when he was a home builder and when he was an instructor for the Canadian Home Builders Association. In both cases I was impressed with his depth of knowledge and his willingness to take on new challenges. In fact I would say that Warren is a person who thrives on meeting new challenges and succeeding. I also found him to always have the highest integrity in his business and personal dealings and I have no hesitation in recommending him to potential employers and clients.

Chris Mattock

Principal at Habitat Design + Consulting Ltd.